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This Ring Suits Her To A T!

OCTOBER 3, 2021


Kathy and Mike are some of my most long-standing and loyal clients. And, to be perfectly honest, Kathy, herself, would say that she LOVES jewelry!!! Kathy and her husband also LOVE to travel; they have basically traveled wherever a cruise will take them! So, on Kathy's many travels, she has accumulated a little treasury of genuine gemstones. Among her collection, she has picked up Sapphires, Diamonds, Garnets and a Tanzanite bracelet. The large Diamond is actually from the first wedding ring Mike gave her.

Kathy brought her pieces to Paul's Jewelers and asked... Vivian, what can you come up with? Kathy is a tiny and petite person with a very hip and trendy vibe and a BIG personality so we wanted a piece that would compliment that!! Here is the result... big BOLD & 14 Karat Yellow Gold...and this ring suits her to a 'T'!

What can we make into YOUR Masterpiece?

Very Sincerely,
Vivian and Paul's Jewelers

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