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STUNNING ReDesign... Before And After... ReMake It YOUR Masterpiece

NOVEMBER 10, 2020


After seeing the custom designed crosses from Paul’s Jewelers on Greek Orthodox Moms FaceBook page, Cynthia contacted me about precious heirloom jewels she had inherited and wanted to Re-Make them into something special. This is her story…

“I have a cross I used to wear every day but the top became worn and I was afraid I’d lose it. Our local jeweler wouldn’t repair the delicate cross; afraid it would melt. Since then, I’ve kept it in my jewelry box.

This cross pendant belonged to my Aunt Panayiota, from Greece, who died when she was just 24 and I was 14. Because we were very close, my grandmother gave me her cross and therefore it’s very important to me.”

Cynthia had some ideas of how this new piece should look and sent us her sketch. She also had a Diamond Cluster ring belonging to her mom and a Green Tourmaline ring that she never wore and wanted to use for the bale on the cross.

See the process from old to the new ‘Next Generation Heirloom’ piece that Cynthia can pass on to a family member honoring her aunt, her mother and all those who will wear the piece in the future.

What story of yours can be written with jewels?

Vivian and Paul's Jewelers

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